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by aywy

Latest release from aywy is an odyssey through old bollywood records


Close Your Eyes

by eu-IV

Debut EP on Flow Fi from Baltimore bred beatmaker eu-IV. 



by Juelz

Vancouver-based producer Juelz released his debut EP "Winter" on Flow Fi early 2016.



by Maximus MMC & FAB

Maximus MMC & FAB collaborated to deliver Kinship, a project heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Hip-Hop sounds.

Listen to the project and find out more about the two guys with this exclusive interview they did for Pigeons & Planes:



Can't Feel My Face (aywy Edit)

by The Weeknd

Unofficial Edit for the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" single, by aywy.

Inner Planets.jpg

Inner Planets


GEOTHEORY's output should never be questioned. He's been prolific in the last year, releasing a myriad of songs that demonstrate his ability to seamlessly work across genres with a refined, mature sound. Inner Planets is the second official release from GEOTHEORY following last year's Futuristic Love EP, which established the young artist as one of the strongest raw talents around. 



Carte Blanche

by Rvdical The Kid

Rvdical started working on Carte Blanche around October of last year, after he left the US for his home country Benin. Initially meant to be a 4 track EP released in December as a thank you for all the support Rvdical received after his laptop was stolen. We decided it'd be perfect for a major release so here's the debut project from Rvdical The Kid.


Flow-Fi - Bitch, Please (20K Compilation) - cover.jpg

Bitch, Please

by Flow-Fi

Flow Fi. Music collective. Independent label. Creative outlet. Family. What began as a means to bring together like-minded, aspiring young producers and musicians has grown to serve a purpose beyond initial expectations. Established in February 2014 by aywy (the man himself), Fortune. (the period is necessary), and Subdaio (the sage) through their love of forward-thinking music and music production, Flow-Fi began as a small collective of dedicated producers.

Eight months and several million plays later, Flow-Fi has grown to become a respected rising independent collective. None of this would’ve been possible without the support of you all, our fans. So as a testament to this milestone, and our continued growth, we present to you, “Bitch, Please”

Now quit bitching and just press play. Kthanx #wethebest

-- Chris McClenney


released 20 October 2014